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Complaint Resolution

Peer Review Procedures

CDAWhen a problem or misunderstanding cannot be resolved between a member dentist and a patient, the California Dental Association can help. Our council of dentist-member volunteers follows specific procedures to conduct peer reviews of disputes to help all parties involved reach a fair agreement. The process is initiated at the state level (CDA), however the local level (SGVDS) conducts the review. 

A calibrated review committee of at least three dentists will examine and interview the patient. The peer review committee will evaluate all evidence available (patient examination results, radiographs, information from subsequent consulting/treating dentists, etc.), and make a final determination.

This will be communicated to all involved parties in the form of a letter of resolution.

Peer Review Process

To initiate the peer review process call the CDA Peer Review Department at: (800) 232-7645.

*If the treating dentist is not a member of CDA, the peer review process is not an option.  You may then choose to file a complaint to the Dental Board of California at 1.800.952.5210.

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